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I am currently working on my Masters in Instructional Technology and am using my new skills to incorporate technology into the music and theatre classes that I teach. It is important to me that technology not be used just for the sake of technology but for justifiable, academic reasons that will truly enhance the student's educational experience. It is in this spirit that I decided to tackle this project with my advanced music students. I feel that this type of project based learning experience will educate the students not only on music history but on teamwork, research, writing, organizational skills, web design and several web 2.0 tools such as Prezi and Animoto that they may be able to use in the future. If you are interested in reading about our progress on this assignment you can check out my blog. I am trying to include as much detail about our wiki adventure as possible for future reference and to help other teachers who may be attempting this type of project with their students no matter what subject area they teach.

Please remember this page was designed by middle school students. However, if you see any inaccurate information, errors, or have constructive criticism it is most certainly welcomed. Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to my email address below. Thank you!

Contact Ms. Starkey at musicteacher2027@windstream.net

Below are the students who worked to create this webpage, click on their voki to learn more about them and how they contributed to this project. We would also like to thank our Media Specialist Mr. Booth for his help and Mrs. McFadden's Language Arts class for helping us with our editing!