The 1920’s was a great decade with easier life and newer technology. In America what started the 1920's was prohibition where no one was allowed to drink. Charles Lindbergh flew the first solo translatic flight from New York to Paris, France.We stay over seas when Howard Carter discovered King Tut’s tomb.Benito Mussolini made a march down the streets of Italy demanding he be put in charge of the government. Back to the USA president Warren G. Harding died in his own office. In entertainment “Runnin’ Wild” made the dance, The Charleston, very popular.“The Jazz Singer”, the first spoken-word film opened in theaters.“Home to Harlem” was published by Claude McKay. To begin one of the greatest discoveries, Edwin Hubble discovered that the Milky Way is just one of the thousands of galaxies. To end off the roaring twenties the stock market was destroyed that so many people invested into, making the Great Depression.

Popular Music
The 1920’s was filled with Jazz , ragtime,and blues. In the early 1920’s, Jazz was called devils music by some people. This caused a fight between the two groups. Naturally, Jazz won. Also in the early 1920’s, Jazz was not the best type of music, ragtime, and blues was. Ragtime and blues was what led up to Jazz though. The most famous band in the early 1920’s was King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band. Oliver played the cornet, a type of trumpet. He was the mentor of the famous Louis Armstrong who also played cornet. Armstrong joined Oliver’s band but later his wife told him he should quit the band and he did. Soon after that Armstrong had joined another band. When the band broke up, Armstrong had gone to Broadway and was the best solo cornet player there. He had a marvelous career and died well known. In all of the 1920’s, music was everywhere and with everyone.

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Khiara Smith interviews Dr. Susan Johnson about her book Prohibition and the 1920s in this exclusive interview.