The great atomic bomb that was dropped during World War 2 greatly influenced the 1940’s. Also the University of Pennsylvania introduced one of the greatest pieces of technology, the computers! The first computer was named ENIAC. Meanwhile Jackie Robinson was the first African- American major league baseball player. Sadly, Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated January 30th, 1948. The 1940’s was a happy and sad decade for the United States.

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big_band.jpgBig Band is one of the types of popular music in the 1940's. Big Band is a type of jazz.One big band band is the "big 18". big band is an ensemble of ten or more players, usually 16 to 20, including sections of rhythm, brass, and reeds, playing arrangements of jazz, popular dance,etc.

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The 1940’s is a war type of decade. During this period the World War 2 which is one of America's largest wars took place during this time. The Chinese exclusion act was the Chinese exclusion act was one of the most significant restrictions on free immigration in U.S. history. The act excluded Chinese “skilled and unskilled laborers and Chinese employed in mining" from entering the country for 10 years under penalty of imprisonment and deportation. The president at the time was Franklin D Roosevelt. Franklin D Roosevelt was in a wheel chair, people never knew because television was not invented during this time. If people knew that he was crippled, they might not support him as strongly as they did .The 1940's had a politic full year.
This is an interview of Bricen Richmond the 3rd. This is a great woman who lived in the 1940's an experienced a lot. Ms. Richmond has written a book named "Work Hard".

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Foods like sugarless cookies, egg-less cakes and meatless meals were served up at this point of time. Why the shortage? People would ask. Food was needed to feed soldiers fighting World War II. The reducing of the foods stopped in 1947 because The American government encouraged homeowners to create Victory Gardens, small plots of fruits and vegetables to supplement personal and community food supplies.
As Hitler eliminated all music/art that didn’t agree with him and the things that he was doing. The center of the western art world shifted from Paris to New York. To show the raw emotions, art became more abstract
Transportation for the 1940’s was helicopters, and cars that were long. The Austin 1940 was a fine car because of its engine and its outside features.transportation_of_the_1940's.jpg
The fashion of the 1940’s for women are long dresses that look like suits. Women around this time had fashion even though the war was going on. Since the war was going on men weren’t really around that much. The fashion for the men in the 1940’s is dressy and classy suit.
The entertainment of this time is such things as fantasia. Basically things with black and gray were the colors because colored television wasn’t known at this point in time. Cartoons wording at this point in time was music. Popeye became very popular because it was given words and it was funny.
the type of dance during this time is called the jitterbug. the jitterbug was a wild and funky dance. it was a dance for all types of people. the jitterbug was energetic and fun.