The sixties were a time of change and rebellion; the main causes were of course the Vietnam War and the strict rules by parents. Within this decade everything changed from the drastic wavering of public opinion to the explosive achievement of placing a man on the moon. The music of the 60’s was more of an influence on people than almost any other time period. Artist like Bob Dylan and the legendary Jimi Hendrix, spoke of peace, love, and a better tomorrow for their children. Brand-new technology like the record player became available and reshaped our country as we know it. All in all the sixties was a time for change and that is what we as Americans did.

Popular Music-
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Blues- is a melancholy type of music that generated in the deep south of the U.S. A major contributor was Jimi Hendrix.


Number 1 Hits of The Decade

The 1960s began with a race for presidency, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy wins with his promises to keep the Soviet Union behind the U.S. in the Space Race and the renowned Cold War. The U.S.'s new President is young and vigorously charismatic; the First Lady( Jackie Kennedy) is sophisticated and chic. The nation was on the brink of a new political age, with the old ways of segregation making its way out.

Four years later, the campaign focus had moved from the Cold War to active war. The sense of public favor in politics had shifted by 1968,(Kennedy's assassination is now over 4 years in the past) when Richard Nixon's general remarks of "secret plans" to finish the on-going war and his fired up law-and-order campaigning helped him grasp the final national election of the decade.

This is a brief video on the politics of the 1960's, Featuring (me) Ben!

Popular Culture (transportation, fashion, entertainment, art, dances, food & dining)

  • In 1964 one of the very first muscle cars emerged and it was wicked, The ’64 Pontiac GTO was widely seen as the most revolutionary model in that decade.
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Fashion –
  • In the Mid-sixties there was the invention of the miniskirt with was a skirt that came up to mid-thigh and was for women only.
  • Also there was the style of clothing worn by “hippies” called “gear” which entailed tie dye and bell bottom pants.vintage-clothing-style-1960s.jpg
  • In the sixties a new style of art came forth and it’s idea was to mess with people’s eyes, optical illusions started with paintings like “Fall” by Bridget Riley in 1965.Bridget_Riley_Fall_1963_Emulsion_on_Hardboard_55_1-2x55_1-4.jpg
Entertainment –
  • In the sixties the most amazing show in child entertainment and education is born , “Sesame Street” has hundreds of episodes.
  • In the early 60s the dance called the “twist” was the humongous dance craze of teens and young adults.
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Food & Dining-
  • Sixties styles of food were drive in style of hamburgers and milkshakes.
  • New foods then that are popular today are Skippy peanut butter, frosted flakes, chicken pot pies that were frozen, and nestle quick chocolate milk.
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