The 1970s was a decade where a bunch of historical occurrences happened. First off there was the ending of the Vietnam War, also there was the Watergate break-in incident that happened, and there was the impeachment of President Nixon! One of the greater discoveries in the 1970s would be Billie Jean King winning the U.S Open against Bobby Riggs, sending an obvious message saying girls can do just as much as boys! We also can't leave out the Star Wars movie that was made in the 1970s! Meanwhile, in this decade , the famous Elvis Presley dies at age 42. The 1970s has influenced many cultures and many music genres that we play today!

Popular Music
The Popular Music in the 1970s range from hard rock and roll, to disco, and even reggae!

Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll is a hard, fast paced music with a story behind it
like war, love, loss or more. This genre has been continued through
the 1960s, but was starting to die out after The Beatles broke up.
Some bands that were in the 1970s included
Aerosmith, Led Zepplin, and Pink Floyd

Disco is a funky, high-spirited type of music. The music is generally party-like, and it was very popular in the 1970s. This genre grew in the 1970s after the Rock and Roll era. Some bands would include Wild Cherry, Boogie Fever, and Booty Shakers.


Reggae was a branched from Jazz. It's very smooth and calm, but has that rhythm that gets to you. Bob Marley was very popular for his Reggae music including Three Little Birds. Some people who played Reggae music would be Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Jimmy Cliff.
Number 1 hits of the Decade

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One of them most popular things that came out in the 70s and is still popular today is the very first Apple I, create by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. This opened a new doorway to technology as you can see on your Ipods and Ipads. What also was invented in the 1970s was the Microwave Oven. The Microwave Oven was very popular in the 1970s because of the low prices and they were very compact, and we still use them today! Microsoft company was also created in the 1970s by Bill Gates, a dropout as well as Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. His company was selling PC's and Bill Gates swiftly became the richest man in America. The Internet that we use a lot today wouldn't be the same or maybe ever existed if it wasn't for the inventions that happened in the 1970s, technology builds on more technology. One of the greatest things that have happened in the 1970s was the two power houses, the U.S and Russia, working together in space exploration. The United State's space program was called Skylab while the Russian's space program was called Salyut.
Popular Culture(art, , food/beverages, fashion, transportation) *Look in book*
The Sports in the 1970s are familiar with the sports
that we play today, like football, basketball,
baseball, and tennis. A famous tennis player name
Billie Jean King would not as much money from
winning tournaments as men did. In 1973 she
challenged Bobby Riggs and won the matchindex.jpg
The Entertainment in the 1970s ranged from Movies to dancing.
Some of the most famous movies came out in the 1970s including
Superman, Star Wars, and Jaws. Some new dance moves came out
in the 1970s also including "Shake Your Booty".
A lot of fast food restaurants started popping up in the 1970s like Popeye's, Ruby Tuesdays, and Starbucks. Fast food restaurants became very popular in the 70s.
Fashion such as denim blue jeans or cotton t-shirts, and long hair was popular in the 1970s. A lot of women didn't wear makeup in hope to look more natural. This was also happening to men, designers like Calvin Klein made some silver studs and rhinestones on jeans to stand out more.
In the 1970s the U.S and the Russian cooperate in Space exploration. It was an historic event
considering it's space exploration and the 2
super powers were working together. What also
happened in the 1970s is the discovery that we have an ozone hole in our ozone layer in the Arctic.
This will melt the Ice and increase skin cancer.
in 1978, a woman with blocked Fallopian tubes could not become pregnant even though she wanted to. During that year though, the world's first test-tube baby was born, their name was Louise Brown, and it was the baby of the woman who couldn't become pregnant. This discovery proved that even women who can't become pregnant in the way that's normally done, can.