The 80’s were a time of riveting fashion, great music, and politics no one would believe. There were multiple concerts such as Live Aid and Farm Aid, and a lot of great musicians with great songs such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Olivia Newton John. During this time period people were obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kids, Rubik cubes, and flashy apparel which brought flare and liveliness to the 80’s. Rap music, break dancing and graffiti art were also a big change that was taking part in the 80’s. They all became popular to the young black and white men. In addition, many movies such as E.T. the extra terrestrial, Return of the Jedi, and Indiana Jones movies were a big part of this decade’s culture.

Popular Music-

Techno Techno - Became popular during 1988, it is a genre of music that is a form of electric dance music. It is a unique of different sounds that are blended together including funk and electric instruments to create an electronic sounding music that is great to dance to! It is performed and recorded by artists including: Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Glam Metal Glam Metal- Is a form of heavy metal that became highly popular in the 80’s. It consists of characteristic of both heavy metal and hard rock. The performers used heavy power-chord-based plugged in instruments that gave it a heavy metal feel but was popular in Los Angeles, and even in Las Vegas, glam metal feature instruments like the shred guitar.

Punk Rock Punk Rock- Hard core puck rock became popular in the 1980’s, this style typically included fast, hard-edged music, short songs, bare instrumentation, often political, and anti-establishment lyrics. Punk Rock is a very loud and heavy music that involved screaming and screeching instruments, but people in the 80’s seemed to gravitate toward it!

Number One Hits- Billboard and Anamoto

Popular Culture- Chart (vehicles, entertainment, art, and fashion)
Art- Graffiti Art was very popular during this time period. Many people that felt like they had no point in life went to graffiti art for a sense of self esteem.
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Entertainment- There were a lot of movies that people refer to as hits. Some of these movies include Extra Terrestrial. This movie was one of the only movies that sold over 15 million VHS copies by 1988.
Dance- Break Dancing was very popular with the young men and sometimes women. The dancers seemed to defy gravity and to crazy moves on their back and shoulders as they captivated the audience.
Fashion- People's style in the 80's was full of colorful patterns, weird hair styles, and just some outrageous clothes. There was also people called Yuppies and their style of clothing was suits and fancy clothing to impress people such as their bosses.
Food- 1985 the Classic Coke came about, as well as Snapple in 1987. And to all of our chocolate lovers the name brand Hershey came out with Hershey kisses with almonds.
Transportation- People loved the flashy cars especially the ones that that had coll and different touches to them.The most famous and well known car was the Back to the Future Delorean. This car was as people would say as pimped up as ever. It had doors that rose to the sky and impressed everyone. Back to the Future was a 1985 movie that had a Delorean that the main character drove. This was when this car was first seen.
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Politics- Video
Interviewer Elizabeth McIntyre interviewed Tami Bayliner in this exclusive interview talking about her book Totally Rockin' 80's politics!

Politics in the 80’s was very busy, interesting, and shocking. In the 80’s the Presidents were Ronald Regan and George W.H Bush. On November 4th, 1980, The Americans elected Ronald Regan to become their next president. On January 20, 1981 was president Regan’s inauguration. Ronald Regan was by sure one of the most favorite presidents of all time and his decisions also changed the way people wrote and sang music. One of the reasons that his decisions influenced music was because people wanted to protest about things like war, money, and poverty in our country. The only way those people and some artists felt was the write was to write lyrics about their struggles and America’s struggles. For example Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s song “We are the World” is about how if we make a difference in the world we live in our children and their children’s children can live a better life. This was an example about how music was influenced by politics because people were protesting and wanting change in the world but they weren’t going to get it by sitting around all day they had to protest, speak out, and beg for a small change to happen. Politics has defiantly changed the way people see the world we live in music is a way to communicate what they want out of the world.