During the 1990’s, there were many political as well as religious events. President Bill Clinton went through the impeachment process and Y2K was the disaster that never happened. This decade also included the suicidal act of David Koresh, astronomers discovering solar systems, and The Persian Gulf War. In the 1990’s more women, African American, and Hispanic entered major political roles in the government. Operation Desert Storm began in 1991, and also, the 1990’s was the warmest decade ever recorded! The 1990’s included musical stylists like Nirvana, ‘N Sync, and Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo). Overall, the 1990’s were pretty exciting.

Popular Music

During the 1990’s there were many different musical genres. Trance, grunge, and trip hop are only three of the many genres.

Trance is currently one of the most promising and influential music genres of the music scene. Trance can be described as melodic, more or less freeform style of music, and perhaps the most obscure style of dance music. Some trance bands would include Above & Beyond and Infected Mushroom.

Grunge originated in Seattle, Washington. The groups Melvins and Mudhoneys were the start of this musical genre. Nirvana and Pearl Jam helped the movement come to the forefront of mainstream success. Some of the bands that are included in the genre of grunge are Alice in Chains and Creed.

Trip hop is a blend of electronic, hip-hop, urban, ethereal, street, and ambience. Trip hop is hard to describe because the music does not have a particular type, and it spreads across a wide range of emotions and sounds. Some trip hop bands are Laika, Ming, and Zero 7.


The 1990’s consisted of major political changes. Some of which include women, Hispanic, and African American people start to hold more spots in government. Also, President Bill Clinton went through the impeachment process, but ended up staying in office for his full four-year term. Politics played a major part during this time period. President George Bush also served his term during the 1990's. Likewise, when Nelson Mandela was freed from jail, I am most certain that there was some joyful music starting to be composed. On of the songs written in honor of Nelson Mandela was titled "Nelson Mandela", sometimes known as "Free Nelson Mandela", and was written by Jerry Dammers. When Princess Diana was killed in a car accident, the whole world was grieving. This tragic event definitely caused disheartening music. One of the songs that was re-written in honor of her was "Candle In The Wind". The song was originally written for Marilyn Monroe after her death. "England's Rose" was also a song written in honor of the outstanding princess. Both of the songs were written by Elton John. In addition, South Africa held its first free elections in 1994. This event certainly caused music that had a freedom vibe. All together, the 1990’s had many varieties of political events that caused different musical outcomes.

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Popular Culture

external image 98_meier_am121007_f.jpg
The picture above is of an architecture structure constructed by Richard Meyer. Richard Meyer won the Pritzker Award in 1984.
external image Furby.jpg
In the 90’s, Furbies were just getting their start in the toy world. This lovable creature would respond to your talking and any type of movement.
external image 0adc5a592dd4532a_clarissamain.jpg
90's fashion was polished, yet not polished. It was clean, yet dirty. It was fresh, yet raggedy. It was whatever you wanted it to be.
external image hip%20hop%20dancing.jpg
Hip hop was a popular form of dance in this decade. Above is a picture of people hip hop style dancing.
external image kai-pad-med-mamuang-himmapa.jpg
Thai food became extremely popular in the early 1990’s.
external image 1991_Nissan_Figaro.jpg
Above is a picture of a 1991 Nissan Figaro. Cars were quite popular in the 1990’s, and were a main form of transportation.