Essential Elements for Choir, Glencoe McGraw-Hill (Donatello Picture) (Fall Of Rome Picture) (Dante Picture) (Dante) (Chaucer) (Donatello) (Arezzo) (Arezzo Picture) (Roman Empire) (Motet) (Motet Picture) (Hildegard Picture) (First Crusade Picture) (Black Death Picture),_Philippe (Philippe de Vitry Picture) (Philippe de Vitry) (Hildegard Picture)

Popular Music
The Development of Western Music (2nd ed.) by K. Marie Stolba, Brown & Benchmark Publishers

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Musical Evolution
Music A.D. 450-1995 by Mark Ammons, D.M.A., Mark Twain Media/Carson-Dellosa Publishing Company, Inc.
Essential Elements for Choir, Glencoe McGraw-Hill

Medieval Instruments (Intruments) Sounds) Picture) Picture) Picture) Picture),%20Mideavil.jpg(Bagpipe Picture) (Gemshorn Picture)

Important Composers (Philippe de Vitry) (Hildegard von Bingen) Dufay) ( Hildegard von Bingen Picture) (Guillaume Dufay),_Philippe (Philippe de Vitry)

Cultural References Santo-Domingo-De-Silos-Chant
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